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Our Capabilities

Over the last two decades, Vita Gold has built a reputation as one of the largest, most trusted TGA certified nutraceutical packaging companies in Australia. We foster successful long-term relationships with our customers through our unwavering focus on quality, support, and delivery. This commitment to our clients is highlighted by our move to a brand new leading edge facility in Yatala, Queensland.

The VG Pharma Process

From portioning bulk shipments, packaging, quality control to delivering your products to the wider market, VG Pharma work with smaller companies through to multinational corporations to help our clients develop in the local Australian market. 100% of our business now consists of contract manufacturing and vitamin packaging, with many new clients coming to us through word of mouth.

Our Nutraceutical Packaging Capabilities

We can deliver your products in tablet form, as a two-piece or soft gelatin capsule. Products packaged this way can include vitamins, minerals, herbs and oils, that range from a simple single vitamin product, through to complex multivitamins or fish oils. VG Pharma can also source Therapeutic Goods Administration listed liquids, powders and creams for clients if required.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Licensed

As an Australian company at the forefront of nutraceutical packaging, it’s important to know that our modern facility is fully TGA licensed with regular audits to confirm our compliance. Our TGA license also means we can assist with the listing process, the preparation of product label claims and printing of the label itself, along with the development of stability protocols.

Your Trusted Nutraceutical Packaging team

With an experienced and highly knowledgeable team of 50 people and growing, VG Pharma can meet your nutraceutical contract manufacturing or vitamin packaging needs. Please call our team on +61(7) 3382 7800.

We can also help with

  • Packaging & Labelling
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Product Development
  • Any other Contract Manufacturing needs