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Our Team

Our management group is a tight knit team.  We have been working together for many years with a common goal to ensure that our company's values, facility & processes are best in class.  We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to seeing our strategic vision unfold.  Watch this space.....

Sid Sarantis, CEO

Sid founded Vita Gold 29 years ago.  Sid's vision was to establish the company as market leader in complementary medicines.  Sid's passion for natural medicine led to an expanding range that was in time, ranged by hundreds of supermarkets across Australia.  Scan data at the time showed the brand to be market leader within Franklins supermarkets.  It was unfortunate, that the collapse of Franklins led to a decline in distribution.  Sid, being the quick thinking entrepreneur, decided to switch direction and focus on contract packaging.  Sid's positive outlook and passion continues to inspire those around him.

Tony Patrick, Managing Director

In early 2002, in the midst of challenges following the collapse of Franklins, Sid added Tony to the Management Team.  Tony is a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) and had been the external Company Accountant for the preceding five years.  Tony helped transition the move away from branded products to contract packaging.  Tony has developed a reputation for nurturing strong customer relationships.  It is those intricate relationships that have allowed Vita Gold to truly partner with its customers.  Tony continues to shape the strategic vision that exists today.

Rob Watson, Operations Manager

Rob has recently joined our team, bringing over 20 years experience in quality and operations management including senior roles with major multi-national companies. Rob’s industry experience spans food, medicine and medical device sectors and he has a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing and packaging technologies, quality and product development.

Kim McClure, Quality Manager

As Vita Gold began developing relationships with multi-national companies, we required an experienced Quality Manager with proven corporate experience.  Kim has a strong background with market leading companies within the nutraceutical industry.  Kim has been instrumental in re-building Vita Gold's quality system and currently has a team of five dedicated Quality Associates and support staff.  Kim's unwavering commitment to producing a quality outcome is in no doubt responsible for the reputation Vita Gold has earned.  It is this reputation that the business continues to capitalise on today.

Lincoln Brine, Production Manager

Lincoln joined Vita Gold in 2012 as part of the Production Team.  It became apparent early on that Lincoln had an incredible drive and a dedication to the future of the company.  Lincoln demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and is a natural leader.  As the company has grown, so too has Lincoln's role.  Lincoln currently manages a team of more than 35 wonderful people.  Part of Lincoln's role demands that he has an overall understanding of every function within our operation, including customer service, quality and finance.